Thursday, June 25, 2009

HOW Design Conference: Austin: 2nd Day: Afternoon

My first session after lunch was "Everything I Know I Learned from Video Games" presented by Dave Werner of Minor Studios. He explored the current immersive state of gameplay and extrapolated some theories on where we are going in the future. He gave a shout-out to Bioware for their upcoming story-driven franchise game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. One of the best features of this panel is how engrossed the audience was and how many questions Dave entertained at the end of his presentation. It was a very engaging session. He is the Creative Director for the game, Atmosphir. He demonstrated the game and described it as "Mario meets Legos". In the game you could build levels and also cooperatively develop the game with friends. It seemed fun. The upshot is that the game is free and the revenue will be supplied by folks wanting to buy better weapons, masks, head-gear and the like. The animation style seemed fun and accessible. Meaning anyone could play almost immediately and you can share. Awesome. I give this session an "A".

P.S. There is also a Beta test sign-up on the site. Sweet.

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