Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things that make me go hmmmm...

This is Diego as an action figure. (Please forgive the missing limbs- the cost of adventuring, I guess).

But it has struck me over the last few months that this representation of Diego is much darker than this one (see right). I am not making any judgements- only observations.

Project Runway: lower expectations?

So now that Project Runway is jumping ship to Lifetime TV- what are we to expect? "100 ways to slim down for the next challenge"? Or perhaps "Desperate Betrayal: The Generic Contestant Story"? The last time I was invested in the show was Season 3 - and Jeffrey's "hubris" put me off the show for a while.

It is like going from Italian Vogue to Women's Day. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ladies- take off your shoes before running from the monster (just a tip)

One of my pet peeves is horror films where the "girl about to be killed" is in impossibly high heels or the basic business heels that you can't do your best sprinting. Two notable exceptions lately have been "True Blood" (Episode 10) where Sookie was being hunted through Merlotte's by the serial killer (Renee nee Marshall) and "Enchanted" where Giselle is going after the dragon and has the lovely presence of mind to take off her heels before climbing the downtown New York skyline. Brava! Finally! No heels when being pursued by a serial killer, dragon, monster, slasher... whatever!

Genius! Ingenio! Or in my household "Henius!"

Okay, I must just say that the Volkswagen commercials with Brooke Shields are "Genius!". For a flagging economy and specifically sagging car sales- these series of mockumentary style commercials are priceless. And whoever the stylist is on these (perhaps Brooke herself?)- the clothes are au currant and fabulous. I want some German Engineering!